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To Change Your Life, You Need To Change Your Priorities 

Last year I thought I was living it up. I went to every major concert that came to my city, I was hanging out more, taking my kids on vacations, but I put setting up our future on the back burner.

I did nothing but work, pay bills take care of the kids and repeated the cycle. I wanted to have fun. Hell, I had a ball. But I didn’t have my priorities together. I was just living life, but not planning a future for my family.

Looking myself in the mirror made realize, that time waits for no one. Every year we’re getting older and taking life for granted. We post our happening all over social media for what? Comments and acknowledgement? Wouldn’t earning a degree, starting a business and having college funds for your children feel like you did something? You can’t be proud of temporary things. You should be proud of something your children and children’s, children can benefit from in life. Have a legacy. Show them your work ethics and the benefits you all received from them. Being a ” Bad Bitch” ain’t it. Being “His Bad Bitch” ain’t it either. You have to want more.Stop letting these Love and Hip Hop type characters fool you. There are a few on the show that’s really doing the damn thing. But unfortunately too many of us are looking past them and are paying attention to the ones that want a come up. You have to grind for your come up. Make a list of goals and achieve them.

But who am I to give out advice,  when I’m getting my shit together as well?