Social Media Distorts Reality and Corrupts Relationships 

Social media has opened up a can of worms. Headaches, breakups, makeups, trust issues, behavior problems in children, insecurities, and  mental disorders just to name a few. 

Back in the day  couples were snooping through each other’s call list, to see if their significant other was creeping. These days social media has given people the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, old flames and possible fuck buddies. This platform has made it easy to slide in someone else’s bed. A simple hello, has become an invitation to cheating.

Scenario #1 

Wifey checks her husband’s search engine and finds out he’s been searching the same chick on a daily basis. Red flag  Red flag!! Best believe she’s already too late. These two has been sliding in each other’s DM’s and Inbox for months. Hell you’d be lucky if he hadn’t slid into her box yet. This scenario hits on trust issues, insecurities, headaches and at times heartaches. 

Scenario #2

She takes over a hundred selfies until she’s satisfied with the best picture. Then she post it to achieve a great number of likes. She has no clue she’s seeking attention; Or maybe she does. In some cases she’s looking to boost her self – esteem while deminshing her self – worth. Now don’t get me wrong, taking selfies are cool. Hell they come out better than having someone else take your picture at times. But a lot of us get out of hand with it. We already know what you look like, why post a new picture every day? 

Scenario #3

Children are no longer being influenced by their parents or older siblings. It seems as though we’ve all become attention whores on social media. Your child may not be allowed on facebook, but the same videos are on YouTube, Snap Chat or other social media.

The internet/ social media has become our source of research and it’s sad. Since when is everything on facebook, instagram, YouTube, and the internet true? 

What Are You Anxiously Leaving Behind In 2016?

This year is just about over, what are you planning to leave behind in 2016? Is it old or bad habits? A relationship that’s leading to nowhere? People that don’t share a common goal? Or your procrastinating ways?

No More Restrictions 

For the last few hours I’ve been trying to get to a place where I can write what I feel without any restrictions. For most of my life I’ve catered to everyone else’s feelings and opinions. As I brainstorm on how not to step on anyone’s toes or hurting anyone’s ego. I feel it’s time I write my truths, and allow my readers to get inspired by my rights while learning from where I went wrong.

What’s the worst emotion a human being can feel?

Betrayal is by far the worst emotion a human being can feel. Unfortunately I’ve learned this early on in life. My father not being in my life the way he should have been was the first experience. The next man who not necessarily took his place but stepped in to fill that void. I believe betrayed me more than he.  My step father sexually abused me for years. Just about every male that came along after that let me down in some form or fashion as well.

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