I do, but.. Pt 1

So two days ago, my children’s father proposed to me. We’ve been together for all of my adult life, 18 years to be exact. I definitely wasn’t expecting an proposal. Here’s my story..

So I come home from work on Thursday morning and he’s like. ” I called your mom”. Now I’m looking at him with the side eye all confused and what not. I asked why and he says because he had a dream about her. When people have dreams about people for the most part it’s not good. But he assured me that it was a good dream.

So I thought to myself but why did he call her. They have no type of relationship whatsoever. He walks away and comes back and asked if she’d called me to tell me she received a call from him. I said no and he walks away again. I just did 12 hours at work, I’m extremely tired. He has me looking at him crazy now.

When he returned he got on one knee and pulled out a little grey box. I don’t remember my exact words but they were something like stop playing, no you’re not. And then he starts to cry. I’m like no don’t cry and I pull him closer. He says I took the ring and put it on my own finger. I don’t remember that! But hell maybe I did, he was crying right.

I went through so many emotions at that very moment. I went from being shocked, happy, nervous, scared, nauseous and confused. I was confused as hell but happy. I’m thinking why? Why now? We have so much shit within this relationship is he serious? I texted my girls, and posted our engagement on social media.

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