To Change Your Life, You Need To Change Your Priorities 

Last year I thought I was living it up. I went to every major concert that came to my city, I was hanging out more, taking my kids on vacations, but I put setting up our future on the back burner.

I did nothing but work, pay bills take care of the kids and repeated the cycle. I wanted to have fun. Hell, I had a ball. But I didn’t have my priorities together. I was just living life, but not planning a future for my family.

Looking myself in the mirror made realize, that time waits for no one. Every year we’re getting older and taking life for granted. We post our happening all over social media for what? Comments and acknowledgement? Wouldn’t earning a degree, starting a business and having college funds for your children feel like you did something? You can’t be proud of temporary things. You should be proud of something your children and children’s, children can benefit from in life. Have a legacy. Show them your work ethics and the benefits you all received from them. Being a ” Bad Bitch” ain’t it. Being “His Bad Bitch” ain’t it either. You have to want more.Stop letting these Love and Hip Hop type characters fool you. There are a few on the show that’s really doing the damn thing. But unfortunately too many of us are looking past them and are paying attention to the ones that want a come up. You have to grind for your come up. Make a list of goals and achieve them.

But who am I to give out advice,  when I’m getting my shit together as well?

Chin Up Princess or The Crown Slips

No matter the struggle, you have to fight! Keep your head up held high! Don’t let life suck you dry. No one gave us a guideline to thing called life. Live it and it boldly! Stop letting other dictate how you should live your life. If you know what you want, then go for it. Let go of the unnecessary things that has you planted. Spread your wings and fly.

I often say to myself, “I’m too old”. But had to realize that as long as I have breath in life body and am able to do for myself. I can and I will. Stop living off of someone else’s dreams and live you own!

Did You Really Want To Take “Her” Place?

“I’m walking into her life, like what?” I seriously doubt any female or male for that matter has this type of mindset.Hell,  I could be wrong. Last year  sidelines, side chicks, and side ninjas were at their all time high. Every song on the radio encouraged it. All the reality and some scripted shows glorified it. Cheaters were living it up and getting shout outs for their behaviors.

Taking another woman’s place isn’t always the reason in these type of situations. It’s definitely not okay to enter this type of scenario but shit happens. In most cases both parties are missing something. Such as affection, communication, attention, appreciation and acknowledgment. When you’re having problems within your relationship you tend to gravitate to those that are fulfilling those needs. You begin to feel whole again and Hearing from this person becomes a need .Unfortunately you also become dependent on this type of attention. Time to face reality, You’re cheating!

When she comes across someone who listens, understand and offers advice it seems innocent. You both are able to share information about what’s going on in your current relationships. In hopes to get better understanding. Hey whats better than getting advice from someone of the opposite sex right?

Speaking from experience, I never wanted to get out of my relationship and move in on hers. I wasn’t interested in having no more than what we had. For one karma is a bitch. Tables do turn and why would the next female (ME) be exempt? Two, I wanted my relationship to work out believe it or not. I got emotionally caught up with someone from my past and was wrong. At times I wish I could turn back time and fix the mess it caused in between. But you live and you learn. Everything that glitters ain’t always gold!

Wanting to take her place was never the case, we do some dumb ass shit to satisfy our selfish ass needs. In return we hurt the people we love, that love us and fuck up a potentially good friendship. If we worked as hard as we did stepping outside our relationship. We could work twice as hard at rekindling what we have at home.